Junior entries

Junior (aged 14-17) entries will be accepted in the 25km race.

Junior entries (aged 16-17) will be accepted in the 50km race with parental consent on a case by case basis.

There will be NO junior individual entries (under 18years) allowed for the 101km race, however 16-18yo's may enter the 101km team events.

Course navigation

The Gone Nuts 101/50/25 adventure run is very different to other running events as it does require you to look and think about where you are going - SO YOU NEED TO KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR COURSE MARKINGS. Our course is in beautiful wilderness areas, remote beaches and private farmland and although we will have marshals to direct you at key points you will need to keep an eye out for the course markings to make sure you don't get lost.

If you keep your eyes open, enjoy the views and take notice of the markings, the course will be easy to follow. It will be marked with tape, arrows and flags.

Sections of the 101km and 50km races will be run in darkness so the reflective tape and arrows will be important guiding markers for runners. Obviously the course is harder to follow in darkness so be sensible and use a bright light to make things a bit easier!

All track intersections will be clearly marked and care should be taken to follow the arrows. Tape will be placed immediately following a track junction to confirm you are on the correct track.

Track markings on the longer sections, where there are no other options or intersections, will be spaced every 300m so take your time at the intersections to make sure you are heading in the right direction!

Unless otherwise marked or directed, competitors should follow the most major track at all intersections. If there is no arrow at a minor track junction then continue along the major track.

Compulsory Gear Lists

The 101km, 50km and 25km Gone Nuts adventures all have a Compulsory Gear List. For those running in teams - each team member will be required to carry the gear list appropriate to how far they are running themselves (so each runner in the 101km team of 4 would carry the 25km list). First and last leg of the 101km may be also be required to add a headlamp - depending upon times and conditions. With items such as the thermals - race directors will make a call on the day if they are required - however due to the unpredictability of the weather all runners need to be well prepared for their own safety. Team members can transfer the backpack with gear from runner to runner at transition points (so only one set per team is required).

Please print off your relevant list and make sure you arrive at registration with all the required gear. The list is designed to make your running adventure as safe as possible - so please abide by the requirements. Ultimately you are responsible for your own safety, however there will be random gear checks and anyone found not to have the required gear will not be allowed to start.

All gear can be purchased from our event partners

FIND YOUR FEET have given us wonderful support since the race started and are again offering competitors a discount on any compulsory gear that you may require. Use or mention GONE NUTS 2020 to receive a discount.



Please Download, print, fill, sign, date and return the attached PDF Waiver.